Our History. Your Future.

QNS is part of Quantum Group. Our business spans 20 years and we work internationally and within multiple sectors. Nothing is ever too much trouble for our consultants in their quest to find the best candidates.
We love what we do and we have fun while we’re doing it.

Going all out for client satisfaction and in doing so, making the whole process simple and stress free is what gets us up in the morning.

It’s true to say that spending so much time being told what we can’t do has opened our minds to how much we could do. And differently too.

It’s like we all want to return to ‘better’ not just ‘normal’. Better flexibility, better earnings – better… well, everything. Normal just won’t cut it any more and let’s face it, who doesn’t deserve ‘better’ after such a testing period amid the global pandemic?

Quantum Network Solutions is all about giving you the choices in order to make things work best for you. You get all the good stuff associated with working for yourself but none of the scary bits and risks associated with setting up on your own. Instead, our established brand supports you in every way we can and crucially, you get to keep more of what you make.

Discover more benefits

Joining QNS as a single owner operator doesn’t stop there, in case you haven’t noticed we’re all about growth! Our ambitions go far and wide, so should you decide you want more, we will support you to build the business of your dreams by recruiting a team of like minded professional entrepreneurs just like you to take your business to the next stage.

Join an organisation with the tools, the resources and the people to make you a success.

Make your own way, make your own client base, make your own schedule – and make more money while you’re doing it by retaining 65-75% of your billings.

Find out how much more you could earn

It really stacks up when you think about it.

Earn substantially more from your hard work than you can in your current company

Join a team of like minded individuals who are there to support, coach, mentor and train you to fulfil your potential

No invoicing or chasing debts etc – all taken care of for you

Access to a global database of super talented candidates that grows daily

Enjoy a marketing plan optimised to create leads and opportunities in your area

Join quarterly Quantum events including seminars on subjects to strengthen the business and your abilities

Team building events to show how team working and collaboration works inside a network

Access Mental Wellbeing courses and practitioners to maintain a good healthy work/ life balance

Business planning – to help scale up your company within the Quantum Network