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Your current week

Activity Hours
Hours Spent At Work {{ props.calculation.work_hours }}
Commuting hours {{ props.calculation.commuting_hours }}
Hours Researching Candidates {{ props.calculation.research_hours }}
Hours Chasing Debt {{ props.calculation.recovery_hours }}
Non-Chargeable Hours {{ props.calculation.admin_hours }}
You currently bill £{{ props.result.currentHourlyBillings.toFixed(2) }} / hour
You currently earn £{{ props.result.currentHourly.toFixed(2) }} / hour

Improve your Lifestyle?

Based on yearly billings of {{ props.formatter.format(props.calculation.billings) }}

You could reduce your hours worked each week by {{ props.calculation.work_hours - props.result.realHours }}

Plus You can take back the {{ props.calculation.commuting_hours }} hours you would normally spend commuting.

You would keep {{ props.result.isHigherRate ? '75%' : '65%' }} of your billings meaning your annual earnings would be {{ props.formatter.format(props.result.earnings) }} an increase of {{ props.result.percentIncrease }}% *

Maximise your earnings!

By reducing the hours you need to spend commuting, and on other admin you could focus on maximizing your earnings for an additional {{ props.result.spareHours }} hours each week.

At your new earning potential that equates to an additional {{ props.formatter.format(props.result.extraEarnings) }} each year* — which could bring your total annual earnings up to {{ props.formatter.format(props.result.totalEarnings) }}

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What about the time you spend recruiting?

If you’re spending a lot of time each week doing your own researching candidates, we can help with that too. We offer services which help with that side of your business, so you can focus your time on other things.

To find out more about our recruitment services, get in touch.

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